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Pixum personalised photo calendar review

on 15/12/2012 | 0 comments

Pixum recently contacted us asking to review a photo calendar. Eager to try this kind of service, we kindly accepted their offer.

For those of you who don’t know Pixum, it is a leading german online photo printing company. Pixum offers a wide range of products that goes far beyond the classic photo prints on various supports and formats. They also propose for instance personnalised mugs, books, mouse pads or even backpack.

Concerning calendars, they have a wide range of 30 products or so. We chose the Designer Photo Calendar (13×14.5) at 17.99£. It comes in a small metallic box that serves both as an elegant case and as a vertical support for the ongoing calendar month.

The designer photo calendar

The composition interface is performant and very simple. You simply need to upload your photos on your account without really taking care of formats or sizes and we directly uploaded our full size post-processed jpeg. You can then customize the appearance of your calendar, choosing colors, fonts, layouts and of course photos. You can personnalise each month and the main cover as well. Designs are sober yet quite modern.

The creating interface

We really liked how easy it was to make our own composition with the Flash interface by simply drag-and-dropping and zooming. We never had to upload a cropped version of an already uploaded photo in order to make it fit to our designs. This is good as choosing photos and making nice compositions is already a long exercice.

The 12 months of the year and the cover can be customised

We only had to wait a few days before receiving the product and the order was very quickly processed.

Prints are of high professional quality. Colors are shiny and closely match our digital equivalent. The paper is of very good quality (Fuji Crystal Supreme) and the metal case is nice and well made.

For a few criticism, we would have liked the box to open-up slightly more an look less vertical. In addition, the metal case is quite fragile. One of the four cases we ordered was slightly bended out of shape by transportation. Lastly, be careful when you choose your designs as certain layouts are not entirely translated into your own language. Days were correctly translated but the ‘Week’ title came in german.

The prints are of high quality but be careful of potential translation issues!

Overall, we are very satisfied by the product. The pictures look great, the product is original and it is quite cheap. I you need inspiration for Christmas and are looking for personnalised gifts, it is clearly a great idea! And if you are additionnally looking for nice photos for your calendar, we have all what you need on MakiPix 😉

Thanks again to Pixum for letting us test their product!

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