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Welcome on MakiPix!


on 01/03/2012 | 0 comments

Hi everyone!

We’ve worked hard these last few days so that everything would be ready to welcome you and MakiPix is officially launched!

But wait, what is MakiPix all about! Is it a photo gallery? A website of amateurs sharing a nature/travel/photo/passion? A microstock? Well, you got it all right, you just missed the fun and social part!

We have the honor to host three young authors today but are planning to host many more. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to exhibit your work and why not sell a nice black and white picture of your last vacation or a stupendous shot from a backyard flower! We are an open communauty!

We have plenty of ideas and the website content will soon be completed with tutorials, tricks, photo reports and articles. In this matter, please don’t hesitate to send us comments and suggestions on what’s already here and what you’d like MakiPix to be!

Enjoy the tour!

L’équipe MakiPix.

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